Chapter One

Enter, Our founder: 

Adam Young, Obviously.

I’m actually quite proud. I had all except the Onitsuka’s. :( Oh well, I suppose I can go on a search for CC shoes close to them.

Usually I just kind of play around with faces and say its who it looks like, but I am actually quite proud at my accuracy with Adam. 

His traits are Virtuoso, Bookworm, Vegetarian, Loner (closest to shy), and Good.

And he is, of course, a cancer.

By no means am I implying that I am acting Adam out at any time through this sim, the sim and the legacy is merely based off of him.

On with the story! 

He arrives on his brand new shiny empty lot in Appaloosa Plains! 

"Um. Really"

Yeah, thats the rules of a legacy, you build your way up

"I don’t even have a wall"

Well it will save you from starving later. 

Really he had a good amount of money, but its good to start small until the simoleons come flowing in from that shiny new guitar.

By the way, his lifetime wish is to be at the top of the music career. *heh heh*

So lets begin!

"I’m pretty sure I’m the greatest"

Calm it down, tiger, you haven’t even gotten one point on the guitar skill. You sound like audible poop at this point.

And he really did.

Off we go to the theater to get our Patriarch a job in the music career.

"I can have walls now?"

Maybe. We will see.

I’m a great creator.

I suppose we should start perusing what the local female population has to offer. After all, we need to pop four or five possible heirs out to keep this story going, don’t we?

"I like blonds"

We know Adam.

I was actually looking for blond sims, because RLA (real-life Adam) has a thing for them.

Well hey, thats not morbid or anything…

So I sent him off to the park… Historic site… thingy…

And what do we find?

A Blond!


Which means they share the bookworm trait… maybe…

So I send him over to lay down the moves.

Well who is this pretty young blond thing? Wouldn’t mind her genes in the Adam Young pool, would we?

So they hit it off… discussing…beds… and such.

Goodness, Adam, where is your grace.

Ha. Ha.

Okay nevermind.

"So have you heard my song ‘Dental Care’?"

*cough..* getting ahead of ourselves..

But soon its off to bed for our founder. His one, lonely bed.

But don’t worry, for a good first day I gave him an upgrade. He even has a wall! Impressive! 

Aaaaaannnd behind that wall is?

Can you honestly say you aren’t excited for Adam now that he doesn’t have to scrounge around in parks for toilets?

And whats the first thing he does with his brand new upgrade?

He ruins it.

Come on. Stoves are expensive.

Living in the lap of luxury here. Eating burnt Mac and Cheese on a toilet on a lot that doesn’t even have a room. Ah, the joys of getting by.

Lets all get distracted by Adam’s biceps for a moment, shall we?

But soon we’re off to our first day of work! YAY MONEY!

I decided that every day I would add a little extra. A whole room. *Sniff* They just move up so fast. It seems only this morning we had only a wall to call our own.


Oh yeah. *End flashback*

And by the end of the next day, lights too!

I suppose I could put down the free wood floors, but hey, the rugged life builds character.

You better build that guitar skill. Your money and job depends on it! And later, your offspring!

See? It pays off. You can’t tell, but here, Adam emerges from the theater with brand new shiny promotion. That’s right, no longer is he just a fan, he is a roadie.

Livin’ the dream, baby.

Whats this? It appears to be an attractive blond… possible mate?"Hi..I’m Adam."

"Imogen Perry"


Sorry. The name “Imogen” rang a bell… (if you don’t know what I’m talking about go look up “Hide and Seek” By Imogen Heap.

Have you heard my song “Dental Care?”

Adam, no.

Aw well, isn’t that sweet.

It appears someone actually got a nice fancy bedroom!

And a promotion.

And…. A glitched out toddler?

"Imogen, get that thing out of here, its scaring me"

"Its not my fault the Creator downloaded a bunch of crap CC and can’t find this one piece to download it"

*Shrug. Sorry.

Anywho, Later, back at home, Adam invites his pretty *BLOND* Coworker, Honey, over.




And they really appear to hit it off.

REALLY hit it off.

Enough to provoke an awkward, height-glitch kiss.

So what will happen in chapter two? Honey + Adam babies? Promotions? Hit songs about bugs? *er..* 

Press follow and find out!